Just announced: Trains and Canyons of the Southwest

I am considering offering a Collette Vacations tour, Trains and Canyons of the Southwest. 9 days, featuring Scottsdale, Jerome, the Grand Canyon South Rim, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque, with 2 trains and the Sandia Peak Tramway.  There are 8 nights, 2 2-night stays and 1 3-night stay.  I have included the itinerary below, and more information would be available on the www.collettevacations.com website, under the tour name.

Departure would be November 5, 2010, with a cost of $2549 that includes air and transfers from Portland.  A pre- or post-day can be added easily.  I will escort the group if numbers make it possible, but the tour is available, nevertheless.  It sound like great fun!  Let me know if you are interested!

Official trip itinerary

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