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My Viper-powered hot rod, built by Peter Portugal in Eureka, California.

The Packard goes to Michigan

Love a road trip!  Last summer’s adventure was driving back to Michigan with the Packard  in it’s trailer, to attend the Good-Guys car show in Columbus, OH.  It was a great year to drive across country, after spring rains to make everything green–including the Bad Lands.  While in Michigan, my dad got to take a spin in the Packard.  Love the picture!

1926 Packard Boattail Speedster

A fun part of life is taking our 1926 Packard Boattail Speedster to car shows.   The car was hand-built by Peter Portugal ( in Eureka, California, and we found  it at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Arizona 3 years ago.  Peter designed the car and built it around a ’26 Packard cowl–all steel, with mahogany & bird’s eye maple.  The engine may get the most attention, however:  a 10-cylinder Dodge Viper, with 505 hp.  Peter hand-crafted front fenders a year after we purchased it.  A friend suggested the license plate of “VIPARD.”

The photo was taken at the Fresno Autorama (“Blackie’s Show”) in March 2007.  It’s an invitation-only show with some amazing vehicles–we were honored to be included.

More pictures and stories to come!