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Ancient Nasca lines of Peru

One of the fascinating sights in Peru are the ancient Nasca lines in the southern desert.  Called “geoglyphs”, they became known in the 1920s when commercial flights started between Lima and Arequipa.  These enormous land “drawings” have intrigued scientists and travelers ever since.

We will have an opportunity to see the Nasca lines as an option on our August 2011 tour of Peru!  Our departure dates should be available soon–check this site for information.

Below is a link to the National Geographic web article on the lines, and there is also a feature article in the March 2010 issue of National Geographic.

What’s on my travel destination Wish List?

What’s on my travel destination Wish List?  So many places!

Going back to Australia is high on the list.  One of my favorite places –because of the people, the sights, wildlife, and variety of places to spend time wandering.  In the months I’ve spent in Australia, I don’t think I’ve ever met a negative attitude.  We have family there, on a cattle farm in the Blue Mountains of NSW–a wonderful place to spend time and be a part of daily life.

I would love to take a group back to Australia, and visit the traditional places, but also some of the less-traveled destinations.

Many other places on my Wish List–including Peru, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe…

What’s on YOUR destination Wish List?

Getting ready for a trip!

It’s time to start the details of getting ready to go on the next trip:  South Africa.  Leaving in just about 10 days, this is not the fun part!  All the unknowns of a new place–especially a first time on that continent!  So there are endless decisions and questions in the packing for an unfamiliar place.  Pack light…pack light…pack light.  But what if it’s cold?  What if it’s hot? Raining?

You’d think it would be easier by now, with all the trips experienced.  It helps to have some things in a kit, to just throw in the packing pile, and a list of things that cross my mind as I think about packing.  But I think it’s ALWAYS an unknown when you are going somewhere, and away from your closet of choices.  Even for a weekend.

Exciting, too, however, imagining all of those possibilities!  It’s all part of the dreaming stage of a trip, and imagining what it can be, and what you want it to be.

Pack light…pack light…pack light…