There is a story with every car!

One of the pleasures of participating in car shows is the chance to meet so many nice people.  And all you have to do is ask them to tell you the “story of their car” and you are on your way to making a new friend.  Attending the 2010 Oregon Mountain Cruise in Joseph, OR this month was one of those opportunities.  Sitting in line to park in the car show took a bit of time, and John went back to talk with the gentleman in the white Cadillac behind us, then telling me that he’d learned that the man was driving “his dad’s car.”  I thought that sounded great–so I went back to say hi, and share that I had MY dad’s car at home, too.  That’s how I met Mike Brennan.  He said, that yes, the Caddie was his dad’s car–and his dad was Walter Brennan, and this was his last car.  (Now do you see why he looks so familiar?!)  When Walter Brennan wasn’t working in Hollywood, he was with his family ranching in Joseph, OR.  He moved the family there in 1941, and became an active part of the community.  Mike shared with me many stories of his dad and the legacies in the town, stories of the car, and living in Joseph through the years.  It was clear that Mike is very proud of his dad, and his community.  It was a delightful day!  Mike has given me permission to share the photos and his story, and asked that I send him copies of the pictures.

All you have to do is ask tell me the story of your car!  You meet the nicest people!

2 thoughts on “There is a story with every car!”

  1. Many of us who grew up in Joseph remember when Walter Brennan came to town. A memorable occasion was when he would limp through the local Drug Store with his signature Grandpa McCoy stride.

  2. I’m sure there are some good memories, and some good stories there! It was a treat to meet Mike, and hear some of his stories, and I was pleased that he gave me permission to share the photos. Thank you for the note, and we are looking forward to coming back to the Cruise in June with the Packard hot-rod. Best wishes!

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